We feel fulfilled and alive when we push creative limits. In doing so, we live and create a life of meaning and purpose - continuously discovering and redefining ourselves through our work.

By limiting the number of pieces we produce, we make a promise to constant innovation, self discovery and creation.

Each piece is a unique reflection of this creative journey.

Carina Hardy crafts limited edition demi-fine and fine jewelry inspired by women. We use recycled gold, silver, and precious stones, and trust in hand craftsmanship.


Carina Hardy has lived between Bali and New York City her entire life. Growing up in a family of jewelers, she was encouraged to push creative limits and trust hand craftsmanship.

A designer and artist, Carina roots her practice in reverence for the strength and softness of women. She has worked in many mediums, including plaster, inflatables, ice and metal. 

With jewelry in her blood, she launched Elppin in 2018.

Together with her lover Tavish, they established Carina Hardy in 2024. 

lost wax casting technique


The Lost Wax Casting Method dates back more than 6,500 years. Used in ancient cultures on all continents to create pottery, weapons, sculptures and religious iconography, this technique has remained state of the art for millennia. 


Hands carve wax into form, detailed and precise. The wax is ensconced in plaster and heated, melts, and drips out. Molten hot metal is poured into the negative space. Once cooled, the precious metals are further sculpted and finished.


Historically, waxes were hand carved. Today, most jewelry companies render in CAD and 3D print their designs. We however, carry on the real human heritage of this incredible practice, creating hand carved jewelry.


Carina Hardy Studio is located Bali. We design and sculpt our wax models in house. Our studio is a private jewelry showroom by day, and art studio by night. Please drop by when you come to the island. Find us here.